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To advocate on behalf of our customers ensuring satisfaction through communication, attention to detail, preparedness and professionalism.

Mike Tuohey has a diverse construction background dating from the early 1980's. He has been involved in many projects as superintendent. Mike worked for PSI, an engineering firm, conducting commercial/industrial roofing inspections across the USA. Mike also spent six years inspecting residential properties for a major Insurance Company and has written about it: What is... a Homeowner's Insurance Inspection?

Most recently Mike managed "Idle Storms" for one of the largest re-roofing contractors in America. This involved taking care of warranty issues for customers in markets like Houston, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Atlanta and Columbus. Mike's responsibility was to identify the problem, create a scope/job description, hire subcontractors and follow up.

Mike started Tuohey Contracting to address the need for more on-site quality control thereby reducing the need for warranty call-backs. Mike holds the Haag Certified Roofing Inspector designation.

As your contractor I will oversee all aspects of the project. It is my responsibility to identify the scope of the job, to allow for proper material quantities and qualities, to assign the proper workmen and to provide on-going supervision until completion. You'll see me at the job site daily during your project.
Mike Tuohey

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